Education Week 2015

Friday- Oct. 23rd- Careers Day- Dress as what you might like to be when you grow up

career1 career2 career5 career6 career9 career10 career12 career14 career15 career16 career18 career19

Wednesday- Oct. 21st- Today we continued with our Balloon Messages. This morning, students from Grades 6-8 came to school a little early to enjoy Breakfast with Books!

bfast1 bfast2 bfast3 bfast4


Today, Oct. 19th,  we began Education Week with the theme of Celebrating Every Student. Today, each class received a message in a balloon. The students popped the balloon and were then asked during Morning Meeting to discuss the questions. Today’s question was : what is something cool about you that we do not know?

ed week

Here is Mme Myre waiting to hand out the balloons. Students were also asked today to make a nametag, crest or flag that represents who they are.